3 Things to Know Before Starting a Business


“If no one gives me work, I will create myself, my own job …”.

Many people who work as employees are already familiar with such thoughts. As proof is the numerous requests at the headquarters of the company Bureau de Contabilitate, for the services of setting up companies .

In front of all companies that cut their staff shut their gates, it’s normal to ask yourself, “What can I do to survive?” The option of getting rid of “work at home” and launching business on its own, remains somewhat of a lifeline.

Do things just be that simple? Is it enough to call someone with an economics training that takes care of setting up firms or is there something more important than that?

It’s not always the fair that corresponds to the one at home. No matter how ingenious it seems at first, a business idea, from idea to launch on the market itself, is a long way. Because many times, even the most inventive ideas have little chance of success.


For similar reasons, our accountancy and start- up specialists recommend that you first reflect on issues that may or may not help starting your business. And then you will be free to decide if you put the foundation stone of an enterprise.

Did you know you are not the only one on the market?

Do not go blind in business, thinking that you have the greatest idea, even if you are told it’s brilliant. Usually, for any newly launched activity, there is already a “precedent”, that is, similar ones. In a market where many so-called “business people” try their creative capabilities, few are the “no pair” ideas.

Perhaps among your rivals, find some more talented and more financially capable. As entrepreneurs, they may have more training and more experience and experience. But such qualities do not have to discourage you, on the contrary. Try not to perceive competition as an impediment, but as a possibility to grow and improve.

Did you know the business can falter?

Did you know the business can falter?


Taking into account statistics, a business at the beginning of the road has little chance of blooming. About 50% of them fail to exceed the 5th year of activity, and about 90% declare insolvency and bankruptcy before 10th. If you have solved the first step of finding the specialist in setting up companies , great attention and what to do next .

Unfortunately, no one can accurately predict the evolution of small and medium-sized businesses or large companies. In other words, just because others have to interrupt their activity does not mean that everyone is the same. Thinking and how to act differs from one person to another.

Did you know you need specialized knowledge?

Did you know you need specialized knowledge?


The vast majority of entrepreneurs are building a business because they know how to do it and they can do it. But this does not mean that those without a specialized economic training, those who do not know much about setting up firms , can not work on their own and be successful. And it’s not just financial availability.

Studies, experience, talent or inspiration are useful but not sufficient qualities. Whoever establishes an enterprise, it is assumed that at some point he will enrich his sphere of knowledge. Because he also needs to know something about financial accounting , IT, sales, legislation, etc., all areas without which it will be difficult to work and prosper.