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Accounting errors are followed by even the most experienced accountancy experts. But how bad is the impact of these mistakes on business?

We can count among the most profitable entrepreneurs, but that does not necessarily mean that we also need accounting services . Various entrepreneurs, as leery as we in controlling financial operations, as soon as they can, hire an accounting firm . In this way, he hopes to limit the risks of his “young” business.

Unfortunately, outsourcing of services does not exclude errors. Although occasional, they continue to exist. If for the lucky ones, they do not have serious effects and can be easily remedied, in other situations, the consequences threaten the newly founded society.


Under what circumstances can we expect to be at risk?

Under what circumstances can we expect to be at risk?


  1. When we try to manage our own business

Small entrepreneurs are said to open their businesses in passion. No wonder why they tend to deal with themselves, even when it comes to accounting services or unrelated tasks.

None of the operations that allow the operation of the activity should be excluded. But performing “as-la-carte” tasks requires precious time, which we do not always have, and we get to “sacrifice” it from the family and personal care range.

  1. When choosing the most economical methods, neglecting the quality

Another mistake, often fatal in a recently initiated business, is the choice of working methods and tools. We are expected to be cautious. But from the rapid exhaustion of the budget until we are trying to save our wallet, it is a long way.

Nobody says to be spending. But the maximum cost reduction (eg hiring the cheapest accounting firm ) in the long run can turn into a major expense. Because economic solutions usually bring similar results (weak).

  1. When I mix personal finances with company finances

In a business that is profitable, one of the first steps involves opening a separate bank account. However, we are going to use our own pocket to finance new expenses (merchandise, supplies, maintenance, etc.), without thinking that they can be deducted from taxes.

Differentiating personal finance from business needs, facilitates accounting. Even without a separate account, it is preferable to record all financial documents (receipts, invoices, etc.). Otherwise, what does not appear in the writings can not be deducted from taxes and taxes.

  1. When we do not take the accounting operations seriously

Another secret that contributes to business operations also relates to accounting records. From the most insignificant, to the most important transactions, everything must appear correctly recorded in the active and passive accounts.

It does not matter how small the managed enterprise is. Operations must be as accurate as possible. Not to make mistakes, the best option remains the accounting firm , which is also best able to provide us with a clear picture of the performance achieved in a time span.

  1. When we do not set separate budgets for each project

Maybe we’re planning a project, two, three … apparently, all potentially. Each project requires a certain percentage of the total budget. But by neglecting the allocation of budgets, we will get out of our pockets, more than the amounts estimated at the beginning.

By the way, we can expand the budget limits, but it will be quite difficult for us to keep a project that costs too much. There is a risk that such a decision, which restricts the funds needed for other investments, may be more profitable, to destabilize the company.

Whatever your problems, look for a Bucharest accountant from the Accounting Office. For each question, we will find answers and customized solutions that will help us (if any) to get back to business.